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Trellis Webinar Series

Riding the Alternative Wave into 2022

With Special Guest Stephen M. Brackett, President, Managing Member, Co-Head of Alternative Investments at Shepard Kaplan Krochuk, LLC.

A few years ago, the allocation to alternative investments seemed limited to the ultra-rich, but as we enter 2022, alternatives are rapidly becoming part of most accredited investors portfolio.  Join Steve Brackett and Dennis Crowley as they discuss why and what they think the future will hold in general and in specific verticals.

Many individuals are looking for well-known, top-rated software solutions with integration apis, time and expenditure tracking capabilities, and workflow support now that various software for enterprises and investments is extensively used. Therefore, you've come to the right page if you're curious about what an alternative wave is and how it functions. You can use the information we provided to help you find the answers to your queries.

Secondary Trading and the New World of Alternative Trading Systems

With Special Guest Bill White, CEO of ClearList

Tapping liquidity has long been a challenge for founders, employees, and early investors in private companies and is only getting harder, as companies remain private for longer periods of time and continue to grow in both size and valuation. Without an open and centralized marketplace, today’s private market space is opaque and expensive to transact in.

While the initial stages and processes of private investments are challenging, you're definitely looking for an alternative trading system that will help you reach and achieve your goals. This the reason why Trellis' Offered Webinars are given for you. To know more about Secondary Trading and the New World of Alternative Trading Systems, visit the video webinar we prepared for you and get ahead in the fast-growing digital investment revolution. 

Increasing the Accuracy in Alternative Investments

With Special Guest Amanda Reed, CEO of CrowdSmart.

Dennis Crowley sat down with Amanda Reed, CEO of CrowdSmart, to talk about how her company is applying Artificial Intelligence to the alternative investment space, helping investors share feedback and make better private investment decisions.

In the world of private investments, coming up to the best option and making the best decision is really challenging.  Big thanks to the digital revolution, artificial intelligence is now paving the way to help to the alternative space of investments. 
Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a computer's or a robot controlled by a computer's ability to perform jobs that are typically performed by humans because they call for human intelligence and judgement. This enables machines to mimic human behavior and learn from their mistakes as well as adapt to new inputs. Feel free to check the webinar offered to you by Trellis.