Trellis Marketplace

Optimize Your Capital Raise 

Maximize capital raising efficiency with Trellis Marketplace's white-labeled platform. Streamline the process with advanced data room functionality, seamless investor onboarding, and strict compliance with Know Your Client/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) regulations. Perfect for private equity funds, fintech investments, and corporate raises. Experience a seamless journey for organizations and investors with our innovative solution.

Sample image of the Trellis Digital Roadshow within the Trellis Marketplace, displaying a professional and interactive presentation for capital raising.
Image of the Trellis Data Conductor Dashboard, highlighting its user-friendly interface for monitoring progress across multiple data collection projects.
Trellis DataConductor

Streamline Data Management

Simplify information gathering, content strategy, due diligence and document organization. Redefine data collection and management with unmatched efficiency. Bid farewell to disjointed processes and welcome a cohesive client onboarding experience. Get comprehensive oversight with a centralized, easily navigable dashboard. 

Trellis Review

Discover Exclusive Investment Opportunities

Unlock your access to a curated world of diligence-ready investments with your complimentary Trellis Review Portal. Designed exclusively for RIAs, Family Offices, Funds, and discerning capital allocators, this portal offers a unique opportunity to explore a diverse selection of capital ventures. Experience a hassle-free review process, assess potential fits for your clients, and share top-tier opportunities through a sophisticated, white-labeled platform. Sign up now to elevate your investment strategy with Trellis and connect with prime deal flow, all in a secure and discreet environment.

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