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The Entrepreneur's Story- Powered by Trellis

Join Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, as he talks with company founders, serial entrepreneurs, venture capital and private equity experts, bankers, and all those that help the entrepreneur along their journey. Young or old, experienced or a beginner, maverick or a modifier—entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. The goal of the podcast is for you, the listener, to learn through the stories of those who have done it, to hopefully help you get ready for your own entrepreneur story! Join us with our Entrepreneur's Story powered by Trellis.

The Coaching Entrepreneur - Doug Peacock

Dennis sat down with Doug Peacock of the Peacock Wealth Group.  Doug is a former football coach turned wealth advisor who is coaching people how wealth truly works and to grow all the wealth they want to, safely & predictably, for a tax-exempt income without a future tax obligation. 

Learn more about Doug and Peacock Wealth Group at


The Weapons Detection Entrepreneur - Peter Evans

Peter Evans, the CEO of Xtract One.  Xtract One is a technology company dedicated to driving the digital transformation of physical security by focusing on proactively addressing threats and providing the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to this market. 

They talked about the company, the changes, including the name and branding change, and had an amazing conversation that every entrepreneur who is ready to bring a product or service to market should listen to.

You can learn more about Xtract One at


The Social Streaming Entrepreneur - Anthoni Styvens

Dennis Crowley sat down with Anthoni Styvens, the Founder and CEO of Akcru, the worlds first social streaming service that enables friends and families to enjoy a shared viewing experience, while simultaneously earning points & rewards for the time they spend watching content.

Learn more about Akcru at


The Assessment Entrepreneur - Stefan Debois

Stefan Debois discoivered during his 14 years in consulting that very few professional services companies have taken advantage of technology to automate what is perhaps their most important process: delivering advice to clients.  He stepped out of his consulting service career to begin his Entrepreneur's journey.

Dennis sat down with Stefan, from his home in Belgium, to talk about his experiences, what he learned in building Pointerpro, and how his pivot in 2019 changed everything.

Find out how you can automate your expertise at or connect with him at


The Mindtrepreneur - Vash Tomanec

Dennis Crowley sat down with the CEO and founder of ecomtrack,  BullAds, and Mindtrepreneur.  His passion is to build meaningful businesses that are bringing a ton of value to other people. 
Ecomtrack helps e-commerce stores save & make more money by giving them most accurate data when it comes to their paid advertising efforts.  BullAds, helps grow e-commerce stores using our expertise in Facebook and Google ads.  And Mindtrepreneur, istransforming entrepreneurs' lives by mastering their mindset.

To get in touch with me, just message Vash email him at: Look for him on Instagram or follow on LinkedIn at:


The Olympic Entrepreneur - LaVonne Idlette

Dennis sat down with Olympic athlete and entrepreneur LaVonne Idlette to talk about her journey training for the olympic games, attending law school, and starting her companies.  She has built multimillion dollar alternative asset portfolios, real estate holdings while vetting and educating the clients for future sucess. Her goals when working with clients are legacy creation, tax mitigation and risk minimization.  LaVonne works with numerous NFL, NBA, Olympic athletes as well as ultra high net worth individuals to reach their life long passive income and legacy goals.

You can learn more about LaVonne at:



The Athletic Entrepreneur - Chad Price

After a winter break, we are back for Season 4.

On today's episode, Dennis spoke with Chad Price who is a collegiate athlete and veteran entrepreneur in multiple industries with extensive knowledge in the sports industry, and a wide range of experiences in all aspects of fitness and general entrepreneurship.  He and Dennis talked about his experience building his first company Kettle Bell Kings and his most recent company, Life Grows Green.

You can learn more about Chad at:


The Payments Entrepreneur - Nebil Ben Aissa of Indipaisa

Dennis sat down with Nebil Ben Aissa, the founder and Chairman of Indipaisa and partner in Nexxo Ventures. He is an entrepreneur who started his first company in 1997, and since then, he has started, built, operated, and successfully exited several disruptive Fintech businesses while delivering exponential shareholder growth, both in the United States and in the Middle East.

Ben was raised and educated in Wisconsin.  He has a Master Degrees in Electrical, Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences (University of Wisconsin Madison); and an MBA from Kellogg School of Business in Chicago.  He is an innovator and a disruptor, with more than eleven (11) registered patent inventions in Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and related technical fields. He speaks 4 languages fluently.

You can learn more about Indipaisa at

The Appliance Entrepreneur - Jim Estill

Jim Estell is the CEO and owner of Danby Appliances. Danby sells about 2,000,000 appliances per year - mostly fridges, freezers, wine coolers but also window and portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, as well as microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, laundry etc.  They have found a niche market competing in the small appliance space.  Jim is a successful two time entrepreneur who provides some great insight on cash flow and cash management.

You can learn more about Danby at

The Casted Entreprener - Lindsey Tjepkema

On today's podcast, Dennis talked with fellow YPO Member as well as the Founder and CEO of Casted, Lindsey Tjepkema.  Casted is the only podcast platform that shows you which companies are consuming your brand's content and enables your team to publish and promote perfectly polished podcasts faster to reach your target with less effort, which as a podcaster is very valuable information. 

You can learn more about Lindsy at

The Risk & Threat Entrepreneur - Brian Szady

 Dennis sat down with Brian Szady the Founder and CEO of ThreatMinder, the premier AI platform for understanding business risk.  ThreatMinder has simplify Risk. by providing digital data sources with powerful customizable risk attributes, the ThreatMinder Fusion Network creates a simple decisioning process that saves money, time and efficiency for financial institutions, marketplaces, and manufacturers. 

Learn more at

The Networking Entrepreneur - Brian C. Adams

 Dennis sat down with Brian Adams of Excelsior Capital to talk about his entrepreneur's journey and in doing so Brian created a small clinic on networking and capital raising.  If you're going to raise capital in the next year, you want to listen to this podcast!

You can learn more about Brian and Excelsior at

The Mineral Entrepreneur - Taso Arima

 Dennis sat down with Taso Arima the Founder and CEO of IperionX (NASDAQ: IPX) to talk about his Entrepreneur's journey from From Greece to Western Australia to the United States.  His company is developing ground-breaking titanium processing technologies that are facilitating the global transition towards a closed-loop, low-to-zero carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive green economy.

Learn more about IperionX at

The Desert Fisherman Entrepreneur - Damon Seawright

 Dennis Crowley sat down with the Founder and CEO of AmeriCulture, Damon Seawright to talk about his journey going back to the young age of six (6) in building this amazing company today.  AmeriCulture is the first sustainable producer of seafood and organic certified greenhouse vegetables and herbs.  The best part of this story is that he is doing it in the desert in New Mexico!

You can learn more about AmeriCulture at

Coaching Entrepreneurs - Miriam Meima

 Dennis sat down with Miriam Meima from Evolution.  Miriam has brought her education in psychology to her passion for coaching helping organizations and leaders to define big-picture goals and design an actionable strategic plan that will lead to dream-come-true results.

Learn more about Miriam and Evolution at:

Dollar Bull - The Emerging Market Entrepreneurs

Dennis sat down with Raj Gandhi and Sahil Sachdev the co-founders of Dollar Bull. DollarBull empowers investors based in India to invest in U.S stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Through their app and web-based platform, they offer easy, secure and seamless access to Global Investing. Dollarbull also offers real time market research, enabling investors and financial advisors to make well informed investment decisions. 

Learn more about Dollar Bull at

The Amenities Entrepreneur - Lara Morgan

Dennis Crowley sat down with Lara Morgan. In 1991, at the age of 23, she started her first business, Pacific Direct Ltd, which manufactured and sold brand licensed toiletries and amenities to the hotel industry. Seventeen years later, she sold the company.  Today she is an investor and entrepreneur working with 7 different and growing companies.

You can learn more about Lara at 

Entrepreneurship - Who's Your Mike Kurt Wilkin

Dennis Crowley sat down with Kurt Wilkin the CEO of HireBetter.  HireBetter is a national recruiting firm working directly with leaders of high-growth companies to build game-changing teams.  Kurt is also the author of the Amazon 5 star rated book Who's Your Mike, A No-BS Guide to the People You’ll Meet on Your Entrepreneurial Journey.

You can learn more about HireBetter at: and you can order his book on Amazon or at  Don't forget to take the quiz when you visit his website.

The Baking Entrepreneur - Geoffrey Fadoul

Dennis Crowley sat down with Geoffrey Fadoul the founder and Co-Founder & CEO of Daily Food, Ltd, the innovative state of the art industrial bakery aiming to become a leader in the Food on the Go and Snack Industry in West Africa. His entrepreneurship attitude boosts my capital investments in Africa, technology and consulting start-ups as well as in companies in financial and commercial distress, aiming to accomplish a rapid turnaround and restoring back profitability.

You can learn more about Geoffrey at and about his company at

The Venture Entrepreneur - Patrick Cooney

Dennis Crowley sat down with Patrick Cooney, the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Mark Two Ventures as well as the Co-Founder & President of Simpio.  Patrick has strong background in building and scaling technology companies.  He created Mark Two Ventures to help the fund and support entrepreneurs in the deep south.

You can learn more about Patrick at

The Entrepreneur Coach - Daniel Marcos

Dennis Crowley sat down with Daniel Marcos. Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Growth Institute, a CEO coach for over two decades, and a keynote speaker on scaling businesses. He is a member of YPO and EO, serves as the Ambassador of Singularity University in Austin, and the CEO of ExO Education in partnership with Salim Ismail.

Learn more about Daniel and the Growth Institute at


Banking Entrepreneurs - Kristen Craft - Silicon Valley Bank

Dennis Crowley from the Trellis Platform sat down with Kristen Craft, Director Startup Bank at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Based in Boston, Kristen works with New England–based startups, advising them on their banking needs, aiding them in fostering community and helping them grow and succeed. As a seasoned marketer, team builder and operator, Kristen particularly enjoys supporting founders as they think through the opportunities that excite them and the issues that challenge them. She likes to “move fast and build new things” via marketing campaigns, integrations, premier services and relationship building.

You can learn more about SVB at and you can follow her on Twitter at 

The Hello Health Entrepreneur - Pamela Wirth

Dennis Crowley from the Trellis Platform sat down with Pamela Wirth the founder and CEO of Hello Health to talk about her journey building a company around a solution she created to help her son. In her quest to help her son, Pamela ran the gamut of modern medicine. She learned that one of the keys to his recovery was repairing his gut and finding ways to prop up Ryan’s immune system, to keep it strong as it fought off the various ailments.

You can learn more about Pamela and Hello Health at

The Expert Witness Entrepreneur - Russ Rosenzweig

Dennis Crowley sat down with Russ Rosenzweig to talk about his experience founding, selling, and buying back the Round Table Group. Russ Rosenzweig is an executive, entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is best known for being one of the pioneering architects of the “expert witness search/referral” industry 25 years ago and is the co-founder and CEO of Round Table Group, the world’s first and largest expert witness search and referral firm.  Learn more at

The Reputation Entrepreneur - Richart Ruddie

Dennis Crowley sat down with Richart Ruddie to talk about his experiences as a serial entrpreneur. Richart is the owner of multiple businesses that are based off of online marketing, SEO, or reputation management. He is  featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and many more.  Learn more about Richart at

The Inspiring Entrepreneur - Marko Kovacevic

Dennis Crowley sat down with Marko Kovacevic to talk about his experiences as an entrepreneur. Marko is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with demonstrated success across the international relations, outsourcing, and technology industries. Leveraging extensive experience in change management and growth strategies for organizations, he is a valuable partner for growing and transforming businesses needing guidance in business development, process improvement, and/or product development. 

The Developing Entrepreneur - Blake Thompson

Dennis Crowley spoke with Blake Thompson the founder of  Blake Investment Partners. Blake  currently oversees BIP’s investment strategy and management, and serves as the chairman of its Investment Committee. As the founder, Thompson was an original architect of the firm’s investment thesis and philosophy and has helped guide the application of those principles to an ever-changing, growing and dynamic investing environment. He has presided over the growth of the firm, overseeing its transition from a start-up to a regional enterprise with the infrastructure required to support various businesses and a diverse investor base.

Entrepreneurship-Book It A Conversation with Dinesh Dhamija

Dennis Crowley of the Trellis Platform sat down with Dinesh Dhamija who shared his entrepreneur's journey. Dinesh was the founder and CEO of, one of Europe's most successful internet travel companies and a pioneer in the dot com boom.  But the story doesn't the early days of the internet, rather it started with him and his wife selling travel tickets from an 80 sq ft kiosk, in Earls Court Tube station.

The Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur:  A Conversation with Lisa Sutton Song

Dennis Crowley, the President of Trellis, sat down with Lisa Sutton Song to share her entrepreneurship story. Lisa is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and former Miss Nevada. Lisa started her business career working in a top Las Vegas law firm, specializing in business litigation. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her on to create companies of her own.

The Educating Entrepreneur: A Conversation with Daniel Koffler

Dennis Crowley sat down with Daniel Koffler, President of New Frontiers, an executive functioning coaching organization. NF provides academic, social, transitional and career supports to clients with a range of abilities and interests, allowing them to maximize their potential and become the most successful, independent, self-advocating members of society they can be.


The Payment Entrepreneur: A Conversation with Matt Clyne

Dennis Crowley, the President of Trellis Software, sat down with Matt Clyne the CEO of PayTech Trust to talk about his Entrepreneur's journey, his experience in staring four companies in the payment processing industry and his thoughts on leadership.


Stadium Drop- The New Way to Order

Dennis sat down with Adam McAbee, Co-founder and COO of Stadium Drop, the in-seat delivery app. Stadium Drop is a game changing in-seat delivery service that lets you have the concessions you want during a game or event without missing any of the action.

How to Become Super Bold!

Dennis sat down with Best Selling author, Fred Joyal to talk about his new book Superbold:  From Under-Confident to Charismatic in 90 Days. Fred provides some good insight on how he overcame his shyness to become a successful entrepreneur.  He now helps others find their inner boldness to help them become charismatic.

The New Vodka thats Smooth as Ice

Dennis sat down with Fred Forsley and Sean Corbett from IcePik Vodka to talk about the origin of the company, their vision for the future, and how it was growing a new vodka brand during COVID.

An Old But New Idea - A Conversation with Mark Willis

Dennis sat down with Mark Willis of Lake Growth Financial Advisors.  Mark is a man on a mission to help you think differently about your money and future.  

The New Solution for Health Insurance for Small Businesses

We sat down with a 30 year industry expert and how he developed the insurance technology platform MyHealthily to solve a serious industry need.

The Hiccup Story

They can be annoying or embarrassing, but we typically don’t think of them as a medical issue. For most they don't last long, but when they last more than a couple of days, they can be debilitating.  In today's podcast we talk with the CEO of Meter Health, MJ Kievman, a company she founded as a teenager.

A New Solution: Passwordless Authentication

BankVault is a cybersecurity innovator that has been pioneering webSecurity since 2015.  Their product, MasterKey is an intelligent new approach to creating passwordless authentication for web apps.  It is invisible to users, which makes it 10-100x faster to deploy than other solutions.  No backend system changes, no user software or setup! No change management.  Your website can go passwordless overnight with MasterKey.

The ClearForce Story

Tom Miller is the CEO of ClearForce, an analytic technology company and the leading platform provider for Behavioral Analytics-as-a-Service. 

ClearForce builds safe and secure workplaces and communities by combining machine learning, compliance, and workflow automation to create a new global standard for the continual ongoing evaluation of human capital behavioral risk.