Trellis DataConductor

Simple Data Collection

Experience efficient and compliant information gathering, content management and due diligence with Trellis DataConductor. Turn request lists into reusable templates to effortlessly share them with your clients and capture information. Simplify your journey through real-time project updates and collaboration including review and approval, all while maintaining secure document custody and record-keeping requirements.  

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The suite of features offered by the Trellis DataConductor™ distinctly positions it as a sophisticated solution in the realm
of due diligence and data management. The platform's comprehensive capabilities are designed to optimize and secure every
facet of the due diligence process, establishing it as an indispensable asset across diverse professional sectors.


Customizable Templates

Allows users to create a tailored set of requests or choose from editable pre-designed templates for specific data collection needs.

One-Click Request

Enables the sending of data requests to clients or third parties effortlessly, offering a hassle-free, straightforward collection process.

Real Time Collaboration

Offers a streamlined workflow for teams to upload, submit, review, reject, annotate, and approve data with instant platform notifications.

Exporting Data

Offers versatile options to send data to a Google Drive,​ an existing Trellis Data Room or a local drive ensuring ease of access to information.

Activity Dashboard

Provides a comprehensive view of the data collection progress, with tools to monitor activity and manage the workflow efficiently.

Chain of Custody

Ensures that all data and documents are securely managed to comply with relevant regulations and standards for record management.


Allows team members to add notes and comments containing internal feedback to enhance clarity, collaboration, and efficiency.

User Friendly Interface

Implementing the digital data collection software into an existing information gathering process is easy for teams of all technical abilities.

DataConductor content management

  • 1 User
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Create 5 Templates
  • 50 Data Requests/Template
  • Export Data to a Local Drive
  • Company Name Configuration
  • Basic Administrator Access
  • Email Support
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Try DataConductor™ for Free

  • 6 Users - additional users for $49/mo
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Requests/Template
  • Pro + Trellis Data Room Export
  • Pro + Policy Configuration
  • Master Administration Access
  • Pro + Phone Support

Real Time Project Tracking

Secure Internal Collaboration

Multiple Submission Types (File, Link, Text)

Secure Client Communication

Collection Activity Reporting

Priority Based Requests

Deadline Tracking

Detailed Status Reports

Real-Time, In App Notifications