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Trellis Software Platform

Making Investing in Private Securities as Easy as Investing in the Public Markets

Trellis Platform

Leading the digital investment revolution, our software platform streamlines the completion of private transactions. From investor-ready presentations to a user- friendly digital subscription process, our workflow is easy as 1-2-3!

1. Raise

2. Review

3. Invest

Three Portals, One Solution

Raise > Review > Invest

The Trellis platform consists of three specialized portals that together create one comprehensive solution for the private investment workflow.

Trellis Raise

  • Create Your Investor Presentation
  • Compile & Organize Key Due Diligence Documents. 
  • Store & Maintain Subscription Agreements

Trellis Review

  • Invite, Manage & Monitor Investors.
  • Approve KYC
  • Centralize Investor Relations

Trellis Invest

  • Private White Labeled Investor Portal
  • Self-Guided Investor Journey from Digital TearSheet to Subscription
  • Last Mile Distribution of Statements, Tax Documents & Quarterly Updates


Trellis 3 Portals One Solution

Our Partners

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Meet the team

The creation of Trellis was no accident. It was born out of necessity by an $8B asset management firm out of Boston. The firm identified three questions that were commonly asked related to private investments:

  1. How do we organize our deal flow?

  2. How do we give investors seamless access to information?

  3. How can technology streamline our process?

Every capital raise has to start somewhere, and our journey had to start somewhere too.