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Trellis Software Platform

Making Investing in Private Securities as Easy as Investing in the Public Markets

Trellis Solutions

Leading the digital investment revolution, our software platform provides an end-to-end solution for all participants in private investments. While it is challenging at the early stages of investments, trellis simplifies the investment process by transforming it into an automated workflow that connects everyone involved, including issuers, intermediaries, and investors. Trellis guarantee quality, efficient and effective service following our goal to create a platform that connects individuals and enables them to raise, review, and invest and to establish a revolutionary platform that simplifies the private investment process. We take the complexity out of the investment process and turn it into an automated workflow that involves all stakeholders.

Four Portals, One Solution

Raise > Show > Review > Invest

Since Trellis is a fast-growing platform leading the digital investment revolution, we guarantee that our software provides four specialized portals that lead to one global solution. Trellis Raise organizes and presents issuer due-diligence information to Trellis Show, which provides a detailed overview of the investment opportunity, including a data room, communications, and all needed documents required to complete the transaction. Trellis Review supports all investor needs for seeking diligence-ready deal flow, allowing for the ability to complete KYC and monitor transactions, while Trellis Invest gives the ability to review, analyze, and invest in fiduciary-approved deal flow. All without every having to leave the Trellis platform. View more from Trellis Home Page. 


Our Partners

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Meet the team

We understand and prioritize what you value so we got the best leadership team to help you! We guarantee that we have experts in the field who's knowledgeable, flexible, always willing to give a hand, proactive, willing to share their expertise and can surely broaden your investments. 

They recognized the need for a better investment process, so they designed the solution. They know the scope of their expertise and goes above and beyond. We assure you that our team members are flexible and strategic.

The purpose of our leadership team is to establish a platform that connects people and a ground-breaking platform that streamlines the process of private investment. Our workforce is motivated by creativity, connection, effectiveness, confidence, and honesty.

The wealth of industry experience that our leadership team brings to the digital investment world creates powerful outcomes for issuers, intermediaries, and investors. They remain committed to leading the digital investment revolution.