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Trellis Software Solutions

Trellis is a fast-growing software platform leading the digital investment revolution. We provide an end-to-end solution for all participants in private investments, including issuers, intermediaries, and investors. We take the complexity out of the investment process and turn it into an automated workflow that connects everyone involved.


Trellis Solutions

Transactional Services

At Trellis, we offer a Transactional Services solution package that provides everything you require for a smooth and efficient transaction. From inception to completion, this suite of microservices will make your entire transaction process effortless.


Financing Readiness


Transaction Services


Closing Services

Secondary Trading and Active Cap Table Management

For all your trading and cap table needs, we provide a Secondary Trading and Active Cap Table Management package that delivers validation and automatic updates. Both issuers and investors will appreciate this fully integrated solution that makes connecting to alternative and secondary trading markets both easy and effective.




Active Cap Table Management

Compliance and Access

Trellis has secure access and compliance covered: all issuers and investors must complete KYC/AML and suitability requirements, which allows users to confidently interact on our platform. Our system is also secured with patented technology that eliminates the need for passwords, which means users don’t have to worry about remembering and updating information or ever gaining access to the platform. Mobile device users can also rest assured that they too will enjoy this simple and safe password-less login access.


Identity Sharing


Passwordless Login

Administration and Management

Our administration and management solution allows for seamless communications, reporting, and deal flow organization from start to finish, resulting in an effective and secure investor/client relations service. Through integration with CrowdSmart, the Trellis platform gathers feedback on the opportunities from investors and tenants, which allows issuers to make more informed decisions during the fund-raising process.


Opportunity Management


Document Pre-processing




Digital Locker / File Storage

Create Your Trellis Solution

Our platform offers an extensive suite of innovative microservices designed to streamline the exchange of information required for private investment opportunities. Many of these microservices can be used as a standalone service or combined into a personalized package that offers a customized solution designed for your specific needs.

We provide a wide variety of microservices to help facilitate KYC, access, diligence, execution, custody, communication, and secondary trading. We created these solutions for issuers, fiduciaries, RIAs, broker-dealers, and any other intermediary who wants to efficiently simplify their due diligence process and determine suitability for their clients.

Whether you’re looking to simplify and streamline your private transaction flows or want an easier way to provide financing readiness, we have you covered. Whatever your role or needs in the private investment spectrum, our state-of-the-art microservices can help.

We invite you to explore our extensive suite of solutions and decide which of our customizable microservices best suits your needs today.