Many Fiduciaries, facing mounting pressure to make private opportunities available to their clients, are faced with a number of challenges:

• Continuous access to quality deal flow
• Capacity to evaluate and fully diligence deals
• Navigating the challenges of investing in private investments
• Providing continuous updates on private deals, post-investment
• Solving urgent liquidity needs for clients who have made private investments

Trellis solves all of these problems.  The platform also provides content to engage and  educate the Fiduciaries clients, while helping the Fiduciary to better understand client needs and interests.


Finally, the closed-community creates a social network which can be used by the Fiduciary to further strengthen their brand.

For Clients of the Fiduciary (the Investors) the Trellis mission is to make alternative asset investing as simple as buying a public stock.  Trellis removes the hassle of making and managing investments in private markets by automating tedious repetitive tasks across different issuers in a one-dashboard, single sign-on environment. 

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